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Privacy Policy

We're very sorry for the Google translation-version we posted on this page before. We couldn't understand it ourselves either...

We are now working on an understandable version, so please be a little patient. In the meantime you can rest assured that we will never ever tell nobody nothing about you and will treat you exactly like we ourselves would like to be treated by other websites and -shops. We never forget we are customers too...

Seriously now: your informaton is safe here, we don't ever share anything. Never have and never will. And it's stored on an SSL secure server so nobody can acces it. We only use your data to send you the things you have ordered and give your info to the company responsible for getting your stuff to you.

If you give us permission to use your information for informing you of special deals or send you a newsletter we will try to make time to actually send it. Maybe at some point in time we will. But never without your permission. And even if you have given us that permission you can always withdraw it. You have the right to have your information removed from our server. You have the right to ask us what we have stored about you and have that edited. You have all sorts of other rights too, since we live in a society that has laws and we all have to obey them. Even we have to, as much as we dislike that. But we will of course. Your information will not be stored on our server forever, simply because that would be illegal. Let's see if this makes us comply: we will remove your personal information sometime around 2030 probably.

So there. Glad that all worked out. 

We use cookies too by the way. Cookies are bits of information used to recognise you at your next visit. If you don't like them you can opt out of us using them and still use our website and service. 

We also use third-party software that anonymously tracks what people do once they are on our website to be able to see what is most interesting and increase that so you will have more interesting stuff to see. This software does not store any personal information that can lead back to you.

That's the short and sweet version of it, if you have any questions at all don't hesitate to send us an email and we will gladly help you get all the answers you need.