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About us

Paul’s Bass Matters started september 1999 as the first bass-only store in the Netherlands. Very soon we grew from the small store we started out as into the household name we now are. Every bassplayer knows Bassmatters is the place to be. Our service is like our coffee: legendary and addictive…

From the get-go it was clear what was needed here: a knowledgebase for the serious players at all levels where an answer could be found for all questions related to bass. What we don’t know we’ll find out for you. We certainly don’t pretend to know everything but between us we’ve always been able to find satisfying answers. Of course in a store a lot of things have to be tried and checked, so our stock continues to grow every day. 

The vast experience we already had when we started out grows with every passing day we talk to bassplayers. This is to your benefit as our customer, we now have a problem for every solution…(or was that the other way around?) Questions about tone, wood, electronics, pickups, setup, repairs, lessons, cables, basses, amps, speakers…we have answered tons of them and are happy to keep on doin’ that for years to come. Every week we learn something new so we can even help you a little better. Talking about basses and all things related has become second nature to us and we’ll probably never get bored doing just that all day every day!

For the most frequently asked questions we now have a dedicated page here, so check there first to see if your answers can be found there!